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The best craftsmen were selected because the blades of these knives give off the same strength, excellence and elegance of the legendary craftsmanship slicers that still teach the art of cutting.



Synthesis Premium

Over 100 years of passion for the perfect cut

The Premium Set from the Synthesis Line gathers an assortment of five knives designed to cut sliced meats, bread and meat, five indispensable knives for cuisine lovers. A perfect selection for a master cut on any occasion: the ham knife, the roast knife, the bread knife, the boning knife and the paring knife.

All the knives from the Synthesis Line present professional quality and technical features, available in Berkel’s traditional black and red colours. Blades, made in stainless steel X50CrMoV15, demonstrates the excellent hardness and flexibility features, for a perfect cut. The scales and the blade are obtained by mechanically machining them from the sheet and joined with stainless steel rivets to guarantee perfect assembly, synonymous with sealing and hygiene. Once assembled, the handle, blade and rivets are carefully and rigorously polished.





Knife Ham


The blade of this knife has a typical long and narrow shape, specifically designed for slicing ham hand. To pay tribute to the art of manual cutting, this blade always requires proper and careful sharpening.


Size: 26 cm


Bread knife


Characterized by a blade very resistant and provided with teeth, this knife has a specific use for the surface cutting of very hard crust, such as bread and similar products. The shape of the knife allows you to get perfect slices without damaging the blade.


Size: 22 cm


Knife Roast


Particularly suitable for obtaining meat fillets, the knife roast is characterized by a long knife 22 cm which easily accompanies the processing of meat and boiled. The smooth surface allows the blade to slice the cooked meat, hot or cold, without damaging it or crumble. The knife roast is perfect and particularly suitable for slicing meats of any kind.


Size: 22 cm


Boning Knife


This knife, with its characteristic shape, is mainly used to separate the meat from the bone with ease, without damaging and reducing waste to a minimum. It 'a knife in the kitchen of the profession but is a role where the need for a certain precision in cutting.


 Size: 16 cm




The small size make this knife a tool of high precision, suitable for cutting, engraving and peel, also fruits and vegetables. For its versatility of use, the knife is more present on the working plane.


Size: 11 cm



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